1. graphic art :

Alt, Otmar
Boomen, Jan
Calder, Alexander
Christo (und Jean Cluade)
Derrière le miroir
Droese, Felix
Gilbert & George
Grützke, Johannes
Heckel, Erich
von Hofmann, Ludwig
Immendorf, Jörg
Hrdlicka, Alfred
Janssen, Horst
Katz, Alex
Kippenberger, Martin
Klinger, Max
Kounellis, Jannis
Kubin und Honore de Balzac
Lafontaine, Marie Jo
Levine, Les
Penck, A.R.
Sieverding, Katharina
Stella, Frank
Stelzmann, Volker
Trockel, Rosemarie
Vautier, Ben
Vogeler, Heinrich
Warhol, Andy
Wesselmann, Tom
Wunderlich, Paul

2. originals:

Bager Johann, Daniel
Deutsch, Ernst
Droese, Felix
Dryden, Ernest
Janssen, Horst
Spinelli, Domenico

3. photography

Giraudel, Aymeric
van Gloeden
Goldin, Nan
von Plüschow
Tillmanns, Wolfgang Cornel

4. sculptures

5. furnitures

6. videos

7. autographs:

Bab, Julius
Behmer, Marcus
Binding, Rudolf
Cocteau, Jean
Graf zu Eulenburg, Philipp
Eulenburg, Herbert
Grosz, George
Jonas, Hans
Mahldorf, Charlotte
Masereel, Franz
Reinirkens, Leonhard
Zasche, Th.
Zweig, Stefan

8. books

Dedekind, Friedrich
Hay, Robert
Kafka, Franz
Marquis de Sade
Moll, Albert
Musli, Robert
Edmund White

9. other

Letzte Aktualisierung: 09.01.2020

Cloisonné pot, multi-coloured, China 1900, height 33,5 cm, diameter 17,5 cm Inside out of brass, together with a little table (height 45,5 cm, diameter 23 cm)
price on request

Paolo Pallucco and Mirielle River Tankette table Pallucco Italy, c. 1987 anodized extruded aluminum, epoxy powder-coated cast aluminium 49.5 w x 30.5 d x 13.5 h inches. Not only does this design resemble a tank, it articulates like a caterpillar track.

Sold by Philipps de Pury on June 2, .2007 ; lot 133 for 5760 US $ $ or from the auc-tion hoUS $ e Wright in Chicago at US $ $ 6500 + buyers premium + taxes, fees at April 1, 2008
price on request

Book board from Puntmobles, Designer: Vicent Martinez, 1985 Height: 2230mm x Width: 900mm x Depth: 565mm designed by renowned Spanish designer Vicent Martinez for Puntmobles. Literatura is a system of cabinets and shelves with movable elements that double the capacity of the shelving system., in colour (is now only neutral, that produces white or natural), in orange, blue, yellow, (can be repaired) on the top shelf 2cm damage
price on request

Olympia, halogen lamp by Artemide, double oval beam through a circular glass disk with red kind attachment (plastic eye)
price on request

Martinelli, Elio, floor lamp, model no. 2235 Silver (acting but lighter) with helium gas mixture ceilingwasher of 1982 with 150 watts of power
price on request